We're playing Total Attack 2018 in Brisbane on Saturday May 5th!

In other news, our wildly gesticulating C.H.U.D. of a vocalist Zev has sadly gone on to greener pastures and has been replaced by legend, inspirational speaker and all round crackpot Mark from Shackles.


C.H.U.D. design shirts are now available at the merch page - only in S and M right now as all other sizes sold out at the Faceless Burial launch show. Reprint coming soon!

Also check out this new forum run by one of us if you want to talk grind/gore, death metal, hc, sludge, anything noisy and horrible. Facebook sucks and isn't a replacement for a good old message board so head over there and help build the community.


US distro Faith in Failure is printing some new t-shirts of ours! These are for US folk only. We will have a run of these available for order online at the upcoming Faceless Burial album launch show this Friday 19th. If you're in the US, pre-order in (sizes S-3XL) here.


FINAL MAN longsleeves and t-shirts are now up for preorder from Blood Harvest at the label webstore.

It also appears that our album was rated 2017's best death metal full length by a couple of webzines! Check out what The Moldy Crypt and The Metal Observer had to say.


Blood Harvest Records will also be printing a run of the FINAL MAN longsleeves. This will mean much cheaper postage rates for Europe and most likely the US too. Pre-orders will be made available from the label soon.


We're playing FACELESS BURIAL's album launch show, along with SHITGRINDER (QLD!)/VILE APPARITION (first show!)/INTERNAL ROT at The Tote on Friday January 19th. Longsleeves are also now back in stock! Sizes S-3XL. Check out the merch page here.


We'll soon finish up the recording for two split 7"s, one with Kutabare from Melbourne and one with Accept Death from Ohio, USA. Both bands put out unbelievably sick albums about ten years ago and then lay dormant for a while. Needless to say we're feeling pretty lucky to be involved in their reawakenings. Go check out their albums if you haven't. Calling them heavy doesn't come close to doing them justice!

Also, we will be playing EARSLAUGHTER FEST in Canada next year! Check out the upcoming shows page!


Saturday December 9th - BLOOD DUSTER (last show ever!!!) w/FUCK... I'M DEAD (drum machine show!) CONTAMINATED, CHRISTCRUSHER, DEAD ROOT, BLUNT SHOVEL, REAPER and NECK GRIP @ The Corner Hotel added... SOLD OUT ALREADY!!!


New shirts and longsleeves are now available at our new webstore! Click the "CDs/LPs/Merch" link at the bottom of the site to be taken to the new page.


We smashed out a quick one yesterday for this sweet project! It'll be released as an LP so keep an eye out - sooo many killer bands are gonna be on it! See below from Goatsound/Fuller:

"So the next installment of the Goatsound reinterpretation albums is being recorded this Saturday. We will be attempting to complete the Napalm Death album "Scum" with each band taking on a single track. Thats 28 bands recording in a single day. This has been a logistical nightmare...and I can tell you that the next album may end up being Dopesmoker by Sleep as I never want to try and wrangle this many bands in a day ever again... anyway, complaining is now over - everyone is locked in and it look to be a great day of recording a classic album. 28 bands, one studio, one track each, one day.

Couple extra points - 1. As always the profits go to charity and this time all profit from will go to a woman's refuge. 2. We are aiming to release this on vinyl, again all profit will go to the chosen charity. Records will be $30 As we get closer to release ill give out a paypal addy to reserve your copy. This will be pretty limited."


Couple of updates today. Here's where Christoph and I (well, it's mostly that fuckin loudmouth) got the chance to rant about sweet old death metal over at Toilet ov Hell webzine: CONTAMINATED’S 5 MOST UNDERRATED NASTY DEATH METAL RELEASES

And ATTENTION U.S. folk, it looks like there are some FINAL MAN CDs and LPs (LPs were unfortunately sold out by the time I got around to posting this) here. Also seems to be a couple of copies of the PROMO '15 tape left too: - P2 Store


Updated the September 14th ARCTURUS/BLOOD INCANTATION show with a link to where you can buy tickets - here: Oztix.


Added sections for upcoming shows (we're playing with fucking ARCTURUS of all bands on September 14th, check it out), where to hear our shit, where to buy our shit and how to give us shit.


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